To Want It All: A Priest In love

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 18, 2021  

It seems the priest of El Rosario is in love! Father Gabriel has been serving the people of the small town for a while with the help of one of the residents, Berenice. The two work together in charity projects to help the people at of Rosario. Berenice fell in love with him and eventually confessed her feelings for him, to the utter surprise of the priest.

Although Father Gabriel was taken back by Berenice’s confession, he did not seem indifferent to it. On the contrary, he was tormented. He prayed for strength to overcome the issue and at one point, took pills to calm his anxiety. He had to tell Berenice that he was dedicated to the church and her advances were unwelcome. He therefore told her that she should find love with someone else.

Berenice therefore decided to stay away from the priest and agreed to go out with an officer who was interested in her. When Father Gabriel asked her to accompany him on a trip with the children, Berenice told him that she couldn’t because she had a date. The news didn’t sit well with the priest and he even seemed jealous.

Does the priest have feelings for Berenice too? What do you think of their situation? You can follow the priest’s love story on “To Want It All”, every day on Citizen TV.

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