Timeless Love: Will Roberta’s Lies be exposed?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: July 01, 2021  

Roberta is now living the dream as the newly found daughter of Regina. She has turned her back on her own mother after finding out that Josefina was behind Rafael’s death. She feels loved and appreciated as Regina’s daughter and is looking forward to inherit the fortune left by her father.

Unfortunately, Roberta’s plans may go up in smoke once everyone finds out that she isn’t actually Regina’s daughter. Josefina has been using Roberta to help her with her revenge plans against the Monterubio family for sending her to jail and although Roberta wants to refuse, she cannot. This is because Josefina has constantly threatened to expose the truth that Roberta is not Regina’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Regina’s close friend, Isidro, has also found out that Roberta lied about her identity while verifying the bank documents to finalize the details her inheritance. Although the DNA tests turned out positive, Roberta’s fingerprints did not match those on the birth certificate provided by Regina. This gave Isidro enough reason to suspect that Roberta is not Regina’s daughter.

With Isidro now aware of the truth and Josefina constantly threating to reveal it, it is only a matter of time before Roberta’s lies are exposed. You can follow Timeless Love weekdays at 6:00 pm on NTV to find out when Roberta is finally exposed.

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