Timeless Love: Where is Jeronimo?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: July 29, 2021  

Jeronimo has gone missing! This was a plan orchestrated by Agustin, to stop him from marrying Renata. Jeronimo and Renata planned to have a civil wedding because they had gotten divorced and wanted to get married again. This was after Jeronimo ended his relationship with Marina and Renata ended her engagement to Agustin. Their reunion was not easy because they later found out that Marina was pregnant. Jeronimo agreed to take care of his twins with Marina but refused to give up on Renata.

Agustin used Jeronimo’s situation with Marina to stop the wedding. He planned it out to make it look like Jeronimo had escaped with Marina and abandoned Renata. Renata was devastated and left the ranch hurt and filled with anger because of Jeronimo. Fortunately, Antonio found Marina in Mexico and was able to find out that everything was a lie. Marina revealed that she never left with Jeronimo so it was clear that something must have happened to him.

Gonzalo therefore hired detectives to find Jeronino. Roberta called Agustin to tell him that his plan did not work because everyone already knew that Jeronimo did not leave with Marina. Agustin is now taking measures to destroy any evidence so no one finds out what he did to Jeronimo.

Although Renata is glad that Jeronimo did not abandon her, she is distressed because she does not know where to find him or what happened to him. Will she be able to find Jeronimo?

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