Timeless Love: Renata Scandalized

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: November 27, 2020  

Timeless love takes a scandalized turn as Renata is disgraced at Matias’ party. This was the plot of Roberta and Josefina as they tried to make Renata lose favor in the eyes of Matias and Gonzalo. The situation is quite complicated because Renata and Roberta are sisters. Their mother, Josefina is married to Gonzalo, who adopted the girls. His son Matias is therefore the stepbrother to Renata and Roberta.

Renata and Matias are dating but Josefina is not in favor of it. This is because she wants to keep Gonzalo’s fortune for herself and Roberta. She therefore wants Roberta to be the one who ends up with Matias instead of Renata.

During Matias’ welcome back party, Roberta was able to humiliate Renata by distributing lewd photos of her to the guests. Renata tried to defend herself but no one believed she was not the woman in the photos. Josefina took the chance to reprimand Renata and accused her of being an indecent woman. Matias had to defend Renata from the wrath of Josefina, but it remains to be seen if the scandal will break their bond.

Do you think Matias will leave Renata?


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