Timeless Love: Renata and Matias Breakup!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 10, 2020  

Timeless Love follows an intriguing plot this week as Renata breaks up with Matias. Their separation was anticipated after Renata’s photo scandal but Matias refused to let her go, since he believed someone was trying to slander her. Renata eventually ended things between them, claiming she did not have romantic feelings for him. Matias however asked her to think things through because he did not want to lose her.

The main reason for Renata’s change towards Matias was actually his friend Jeronimo. Jeronimo went to Matias’ party as Roberta’s date and this is where he found out that Renata was Matias’ step-sister. He felt deceived because she had introduced herself as Adriana when they had previously met. He also concluded that she was La Bonita, the woman who made his brother Rafael kill himself. Because of his feelings for Renata, he was conflicted on the need to take revenge for his brother’s death. He therefore decided to sell Rafael’s ranch and go back to Spain.

However, Jeronimo’s feelings for Renata were too strong and he opted to cancel his departure last minute after he found out that she broke up with Matias. They scheduled a meeting to talk about their misunderstanding but Roberta found out. She called Matias and the two of them found Renata and Jeronimo together. They were both hurt by what they perceived to be Renata’s and Jeronimo’s deception.

What do you think will happen to Renata and her family after her break up with Matias? Keep following Timeless Love, weekdays on NTVKenya at 6:00 pm

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