Timeless Love: Renata and Jeronimo are Married!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 31, 2020  

2020 sees a happy end for the show’s fans as Jeronimo and Renata get married. Jeronimo decided to marry Renata after finding out from Josefina that she was the person behind Rafael’s demise. Jeronimo came to the decision in a peculiar effort to take revenge, reasoning that he would do to Renata what she did to his brother.

The wedding news were not taken well by Renata’s family but they could not do much to stop the enthusiastic Renata. Unfortunately their wedding was a chaotic circus with the appearance of Jeronimo’s ex-girlfriend, Lorea, who flew from Spain after she heard about Jeronimo’s betrothal. She disrupted the wedding before it began, giving many a grand opportunity to see Renata miserable. Roberta, Renata’s jealous sister took advantage of the situation as she tried to convince Renata to cancel the wedding. Matias however told Renata that Jeronimo loved her because he even risked their friendship to be with her. Meanwhile, Jeronimo sent Lorea away after making it clear that he loved Renata.

Eventually, Renata and Jeronimo got married in a beautiful ceremony. But will their marriage continue to be a happy one? You can follow Timeless Love on NTV every weekday at 6:00pm

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