Timeless Love: Josefina is Finally Captured!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: June 12, 2021  

Josefina has finally been captured, giving some much-needed relief to everyone she has wronged. This comes after her numerous crimes were revealed, making her a fugitive of justice.

Josefina’s crimes were first exposed by Jeronimo, after he found out that she was the one who killed his brother, Rafael. He asked for Constanza’s help to find evidence and Josefina attacked her as well. Fortunately, Constanza lived to tell the tale, adding on to Josefina’s crimes. Josefina also blackmailed Regina into giving her money in exchange for finding her lost daughter. Regina was able to reunite with her daughter after paying Josefina but eventually decided to press charges against her for blackmail.

Josefina later planned to kill Regina and her ex-husband, Gonzalo, who were getting married. Josefina arrived after Gonzalo and Regina exchanged vows and shot the two of them. She tried to escape from the scene but Jeronimo caught her and delivered her to the police.

Although Josefina is already in jail, she is not ready to atone for her sins and more trouble might still be waiting for those who sent her to prison. What plans does she have to make them pay? You can follow Timeless Love weekdays on NTVKenya at 6:00 pm to find out.

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