Timeless Love Finale: Renata and Jeronimo Live their Happy Ever After

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: August 12, 2021  

Timeless Love finale ended with many trials for Renata and Jeronimo but they were able to overcome them all. Agustin had tried to kill Jeronimo but he survived so he decided to kidnap Renata. Fortunately, she too was saved and reunited with her family while Agustin died.

This however was not the end of their troubles because Josefina planned to kill Renata as her revenge against Regina. She and Roberta planned to run away with the money from Renata’s trust fund after lying to Regina that Roberta was her lost daughter. They failed to realize that Regina already knew that Renata was her daughter, not Roberta. On the day of Renata and Roberta’s 25th birthday, Renata and Regina confronted Roberta about hiding Josefina but she denied everything. Gonzalo spoke to Roberta and encouraged her to tell the truth because they all cared about her. His words struck a chord with Roberta so she apologized in front of everyone at their party for the wrongs she had done. Josefina was furious and wanted to shoot Renata but Roberta blocked her. Josefina ended up shooting Roberta killing her. Josefina was convicted for her crimes but went crazy after killing her own daughter.

It was a tragic ending for Doctor Marina too, who was pregnant with Jeronimo’s twins. She had complications after giving birth so asked Renata to take care of her daughters. Renata agreed to take care of them as her own.

In the end, Renata and Jeronimo were able to build a big and happy family with their children. Years later, Jeronimo won a prize for the wine his produced to honor Rafael’s memory. It was eventually a happy conclusion for everyone at La Bonita.

What did you think of the finale?

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