Throwback Thursday! Old Sheng Words You Forgot About

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: August 29, 2019

Sheng is a Kiswahili and English-based secret word; perhaps a mixed language or creole, originating among the urban underclass of Nairobi, Kenya, and influenced by many of the languages spoken there. While primarily a language of urban youths, it has spread across social classes and ages.

For Throwback Thursday, we go back in time to look back at some now obsolete sheng words. Get ready for a nostalgic ride!

                          Then Now
Ombitho (Weed, Marijuana) Ndukulu, Vela
Rende (Group, Squad, Gang) Mbogi
Form (Plan) Rieng
Nangoz (Mobile Phone) Tenje
Dem (Young girl)  Yengs, Totois
Fala (Stupid person) Mwere
Fegi (Cigarette) Ngala
Fatso (Fat Person) Oposh
Works, Wera (Job) Janta
Manga, Dema (eat) Dimbua
Kobole (Five Shillings) Guoko

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