The Three Sides of Ana: Who Will Santiago Choose?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: February 06, 2020  

The story of the Del Castillo triplets continues to get more complicated with the return of Santiago. He was believed to be dead but survived. He suffered from amnesia and lived his life as a humble cab driver. During this time, he met Ana Lucia and  ended up falling in love with her.

When Santiago searched for his real identity, he came to learn that he was previously known as Marcelo and was married to Ana Lucia’s twin sister, Ana Leticia. Santiago plans to end his marriage with Ana Leticia and build a life with his newfound love. This presents a complicated scenario as Ana Leticia and Ana Lucia are yet to learn about each other and find out that they are sisters. Ana Lucia was separated from her family as a young girl and therefore has no clue that Santiago’s wife is her sister.

With Ana Leticia unwilling to end her marriage to Santiago, it will be difficult to continue his relationship with Ana Lucia. Who among the sisters do you think Santiago will choose to be with?

You can follow the Three Sides of Ana on NTV from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm


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