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Posted: March 26, 2020

As the Corona Virus holds all activities at a standstill, you might need to find some fun activities to keep you occupied. Lucky for you, there are numerous Telenovelas airing and this is the perfect time to catch up on your favorite shows. We therefore present to you the Telenovela Timeline for a drama packed evening:

  1. The Blood Sisters

Tune in to NTVKenya at 6:00 for The Blood Sisters. Follow the intrigues of triplets of Erika, Agatha and Carrie as they try to infiltrate the Paraiso Syndicate. The serye is action pact, fast paced and is a perfect way to start your evening.

  1. The Three Sides of Ana

This is yet another triplets telenovela on NTV airing at 8:00 pm. Follow the story of Ana Leticia as she tries to win back the love of her husband while preventing her family from finding her other sister, Ana Lucia. This melodramatic show will definitely keep your evening exciting.

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  1. Betrayal

Betrayal is the newest Filipino drama on Switch TV airing at 9:30 pm. The serye follows the stories of Lino, Jackie, Jade and Ace. The four are caught in a cycle of betrayal and infidelity in their respective marriages, offering an intriguing and drama packed show.

  1. Laws of Love

Tune in to Citizen TV at 10:30 pm for Laws of Love. The show follows the daily work life of the lawyers at Dela Vega Law firm and highlights many of the issues facing society today.


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