The Six Most Iconic Moments In Odi Culture

Article by Mari
Posted: July 25, 2019

Odi culture is the most vibrant of all musical cultures currently infusing all airwaves and urban lifestyles. Nearly all greetings within the age group of people who know what Pinterest is used for start with, “Wamlambez!” And just a few months ago, the most repeated phrase on the streets was, “Lamba Lolo!”

The Odi movement began as organically as other trends begin in Kenya. It is not easy to pinpoint the origin dates but we can all agree that the Odi Dance song made it mainstream. Since then, there have been countless beats with the same youthful vibe reminiscent of the Kapuka era, which heavily favoured upbeat Kenyanized hip hop and dancehall baselines.

The Odi step dancing style can best be described as an on-the-spot march in tandem with fingers sort of poking the air, but rhythmically. Odi culture has steadily grown, influencing Kenyan pop culture to the point where one could imagine a future in which an Odi themed national party could happen. Here are six of the most iconic moments in Odi culture:

2017 Odi Dance by Timeless Noel

This article wouldn’t be complete without the original.

2017 Chogoria Boys Odi Dance 

After the dance went viral Kenyans jumped in, creating interesting videos under the odi dance challenge hashtag. We love how much fun these kids are having in the video.

2018 Lamba Lolo by Ethic

After the Kenya Film Classification Board chairman Ezekiel Mutua called it immoral, the song scaled up to fame status. A heated debate ensued among Kenyans on the validity of these accusations, but this is the song that put these four underground rappers from Eastlands on the map.

2018 Position by Ethic ft Kansoul

This song marked the birth of a merger between “old” Genge style music and the “new” Odi style. The Kansoul (Meja, Madtraxx, and Kid Kora) brought their old school swag to Ethic’s new one. Some people have referred to it as Gengeton but the name was vehemently rejected by some purist camps.

2019 Wamlambez by Sailors

Kenya’s new anthem? Enough said.

2019 Figa by Ethic Entertainment

Odi culture went international after this hit was produced by Ethic,  who had just been signed by Universal Music Group-owned AI Records.


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