‘The Sinner’ Series Review:  An Extreme Result of Rage

‘The Sinner’ Series Review:  An Extreme Result of Rage

“A mysterious turn of events”

Whitney Nasanga

The American drama series seemed to have started on a pretty typical note with Cora Tanneti (Jessica Biel), a young mother and wife living a rather boring life: work, family, repeat was what her everyday looked like, and which seemed to burden her to some extent- little did she know that her life was going to change forever. It was evident that she was battling something that wasn’t quite clear.

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Think about this, a normal, relaxing sunny day at the beach with the family – I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately for Cora, she spotted a pretty disturbing sight that sparked her rage so high to the extent it drove her to do the most appalling- and very public- extreme act of violence. This completely switches the tempo of the entire series and inevitably changes the direction in which I thought the series was heading.

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This absurd act of rage catches the interest of Detective Harry Ambrose who grows a somewhat obsession over Cora’s case. There is a lot of queerness yet intriguing feel to the series that will leave you curious to know- what next? The cast also do a commendable job at depicting their characters and this will be evident when you find yourself subconsciously gasping or utterly shocked at how fast the 40-minute episodes will pass by.

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It’s an 8-episode thriller that is worth your while especially with the impending holiday that is upon us- thank me later for finally finding something you can binge watch this weekend. Watch out for the kids though, there are some PG-21 scenes that we wouldn’t want the little ones seeing.




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