The Singleton Experience at Koroga Festival: Fab or Drab

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: May 21, 2018  

Singleton had a delightful tasting of their three whiskey flavors the past weekend during the Koroga festival where attendees were split into groups of 5-7 people and taken through the history of the whiskies as well as the procedures that take place to produce the various products.

Singleton of Dufftown 12 years old a Single Malt scotch whisky from Scotland. Other members of Singleton family includes Singleton Talifire and Singelton Sunray. All Singleton whiskies are under the category of Single Malt but they are also under the category of Blended Scotch whisky because they come from Speyside region Scotland.

All our beliefs about whisky were kicked to the curb after this enlightening session with Alex Kavita, the Diageo East Africa Reserve Brand ambassador products. It was a very in-depth session that was made fun and light by Alex who would crack a joke every now and then while taking the groups through the drink’s history and demystifying any myths that exist about whisky.

  1. Alex Kavita, the Diageo East Africa Reserve Brand ambassador.

To say Alex was pleasant will be selling him short. He exuded confidence and was evidently well informed on all the nitty-gritty details of the whiskey. He kept it fun and serious all at the same time

A tonne of myths about whisky were demystified. For instance, the fact that the famously believed age factor of a whisky (the more aged, the more premium it is)  is not a determinant of its exquisiteness. Also, scotch is a whisky that comes from the Speyside region in Scotland

  1. The Virtual Reality Vid

A two-minute VR distillery tour, apart from this being extremely innovative, it’s a perfect wrap to an enlightening session. We dove into the world of the preparation of the liquid gold, from the field, to the distillery and right into the barrel

Another point to note is none of the preparation involves actual fruits, the flavours and scientifically modified to produce tastes like the berry fruit and almond.

We started the tasting with Singleton Sunray: One of two 2014 releases from The Singleton of Dufftown, Sunray is aged exclusively in American oak casks, producing a smooth, honeyed and intense style of whisky.

Our take

Sniff test:

It has a nice aroma, not too strong quite opposite of what most whiskeys have. The honey element gives it a sweet smell and makes it a favourite for the ladies.

Next, we sampled the Singleton Talifure. It is one of two no age statement single malt Scotch whiskies released for the Singleton of Dufftown range in 2014. In tune with the berry red label, the Tailfire is a fruit-laden expression, with a high proportion of the whisky coming from European Sherry casks.

Our take

Sniff test:

It has a fresh aroma, one that is easy on the nose, you can catch a hint of berry smell once you waft a small portion of it. Given its berry nature, it’s one that would also appeal to ladies who like their whiskey.

Finally, we tried the Singleton of Dufftown 12 years. It’s the scotch that is most advanced in age, and is aged in a high proportion of European oak casks.

Our take

Sniff test:

It has quite the strong smell, but a quick waft across your nose will do the trick and you’ll catch the rich smell. It’s definitely a drink that will appeal to the senior corporates, owing to the smooth finish and premium price.

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