The Second Laugh Festival Set to Host Africa’s Biggest Comedians at KICC’S Comes Groundss (Mon Dec 11th 2017 – Nairobi, Kenya)

The Second Laugh Festival Set to Host Africa’s Biggest Comedians at KICC’S Comes Groundss (Mon Dec 11th 2017 – Nairobi, Kenya)

The second edition of Churchill’s initiative under Laugh Industry – The Laugh Festival will be taking place in Nairobi, Kenya next Monday 11th December 2017 at the KICC Comesa Grounds from 6 p.m. The event will once again feature Africa’s top Comedians including Nigeria’s funniest man Basket Mouth alongside our very own Churchill and Churchill Show comedians: MC Jessy, Dr Ofweneke, Prof. Hamo, Obinna, Sleepy, Jasper, Aman and Emmanuel.

East Africa’s comedy cocktail will include first timers: Uganda’s original pioneer female stand up comedian Cotilda Inapo and MC Pili Pili from Tanzania, who will be joined by Kenyan bonafide stars: Jalang’o and Teacher Wanjiku. Uganda’s beloved comedian: Salvado and Rwanda’s Nkusi Arthur will also be returning on the festival for a second time this year. Initiated last year, Laugh festival has established itself as a platform showcasing the best of African comedy, and comedians while presenting a Kenyan audience with world-class entertainment right at KICC – one of Kenya’s most iconic venues.

From captivating stage entrances to powerful stage performances, all fans of comedy and entertainment – prepare for a night of rib cracking, with African jokes set to range from topics including culture, trending topics, food and hilarious spins on everyday life experiences and events.


With over 15 years’ experience in the Kenyan comedy industry and space, Laugh Industry has ventured beyond East Africa to provide their audience with new experiences providing quality entertainment while bringing African comedians on one platform. The new venture keeps challenging local talent while competing with top African counterparts. Under Laugh Industry, Churchill has changed the comedy scene with his unique comedy style. His Churchill show has commanded Kenyan TV space for over 5 years in a row reaching over 5 million viewers worldwide. The show has mentored and launched more than 100 comedians who have grown to become household brands.

Churchill is an authentic patriotic Kenyan brand that has over the years brought laughter into Kenyan and East African homes with his “clean”, family friendly humor every week through his show “Churchill Live” turned “Churchill Show”. He is ranked the 1st in Top 40 under 40, Number 14 among Kenya’s 100 most influential people and ranked 6th among the funniest people in Africa.

Basket Mouth is a Nigerian comedian and actor whose organized popular Stand-up shows across the globe. In 2005 and 2006 Basket Mouth won the National Comedy Award and the awards for Best Stand-up Comedian of the Year. On February 14, 2017 to mark Valentine’s Day, Basket Mouth had a sold out concert in the famous Wembley arena. Basket Mouth appears in the Africa Magic show ‘My Flatmates’ (2016), among other shows.

Salvado is the pride of Uganda’s comedy. His character embodies a blend of laugh-out-loud humor and cheeky charm that has brought him widespread following in his home country and abroad. However, he has followed an unorthodox path to success, having spent years working as a switch engineer for one of Uganda’s biggest telecoms companies.

Cotilda Inapo is recognized as one of Africa’s leading stand up comedians. A founder and mentor of the

Queens of Comedy Uganda, she also doubles as an established comedy writer and also as director of comedy files live Uganda. She is no stranger to the international stage, with performances in the UK, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa and a return performance at Kigali’s Kigali international comedy festival.

Renowned as Rwanda’s number 1 stand up comedian, Arthur Nkusi is a Kigali-born radio presenter at KISS FM and Rwanda’s debut representative in Big Brother Africa 9 ‘Hotshots’ Reality TV show. He is also a professional dancer, actor and choreographer having performed at different big festivals across Africa. Arthur Nkusi has also featured in different international movies.

Emmanuel Mathias known as MC Pili Pili from Dodoma came to Dar es Salaam with a dream to become a stand up comedian. He then started learning and exploring from other stand up comedians to see how they write their material.




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