The Return of Lucas_Is Lucas Still Alive?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: February 01, 2022  

After the revelation that Lucas is actually an imposter, the whereabouts of the real Lucas remains a mystery. Reynaldo believed Lucas was dead and could not bring himself to admit to Elena that he was the reason why Lucas ended up missing in the first place.

Reynaldo had a business partner, Oscar Luna, whose wife he got involved with. When Oscar found out, his wife said she wanted to break up with him but she mysteriously disappeared. To get back at Reynaldo, Luna kidnapped Lucas and left with him. He eventually came back after hearing that the Diaz-Ayalas had found their son.

Luna tried to befriend Elena and she easily fell for his charm. When Reynaldo found out that Luna was back and had been seeing his wife, he had Verona kidnap him. Reynaldo wanted to kill Luna but Luna told him that his son was still alive. If Reinaldo killed Luna, he would never be able to find Lucas. In return, he wanted to know where his wife is.

Could Lucas still be alive or Luna only used him as an excuse to save himself from Reynaldo?

Watch  “The  Return of Lucas” on NTV Kenya at 8:00 pm from Monday to Thursday to find out.

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