The Return of Lucas_ Cata Finds out the Truth

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: January 25, 2022  

Cata now knows that Lucas is not her brother! The two were attracted to each other when they first met but had to suppress their feelings when they found out that they were siblings. They started seeing other people in an effort to forget their feelings for each other.

Lucas however confessed to Cata that she was not his brother. This was during their brother’s exhibition, when Juan shared a lovely piece about Lucas’ return. Lucas felt guilty because he had lied and was on the receiving end of Juan’s affection. He broke down and eventually told Cata the truth. He said that he was not her brother but an imposter her father had hired.

Cata did not take it well that Lucas had lied to their entire family. She confronted her father and Reynaldo told Cata that he had done it for the sake of her mother, Elena, who had been suffering for years while searching for Lucas.

Lucas also confessed to Cata that he loved her. She is having a hard time confronting her feelings for Lucas, having had to fight them when she believed he was her brother. What will happen between Lucas and Cata?

Keep following “The Return of Lucas” from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm on NTV Kenya to find out.

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