The Pied Piper Restaurant Review

The Pied Piper Restaurant Review

‘Sheesha, Sushi and Cocktails’ was the theme and to be quite honest I wasn’t very excited. It sounded like just another one of the many restaurants and sheesha lounges opening up in Nairobi. Let’s just say I couldn’t have been more wrong and the night ended in me completely being dumbfounded and planning my next visit!

The Pied Piper is located on the Mezzanine Floor of the new beautiful Concord Hotel & Suites on 31 Wangapala Road in Parklands. The entrance offers a sense of hospitality and a warm, inviting aura. You immediately become aware of the theme colours of the restaurant from the doorstep with white, red and black being evident all around. The pop of red is just enough to give you that feeling of energy that will get you prepped for a fun night out regardless of the long and horrible day you may have heard.

The Pied Piper Restaurant Review

The restaurant is a 2-in-1 with both an indoor and outdoor setting. You can sit by the balcony enjoying the starry night sky with panoramic views as you devour your delicious meal and worry not, there’s no freezing to death here, as the barricade of glass let’s just the right amount of breeze in.

The restaurateur Salman Alam couldn’t have found a better calling in life- he plays the perfect host. There’s just something about his friendly inviting charm that makes you feel like a VVIP. I liked how all his staff genuinely cares about how you are. They all pay attention and it’s like they can read your mind before you even have to raise your hand and ask for assistance.

The Pied Piper Restaurant Review
Hosts Aliza Rajan and Salman Alam

Fifteen minutes couldn’t pass by without at least one of them passing by and checking to see if I was okay. May sound intrusive to some, but trust me, if you’ve spent the same twenty minutes raising your hands and trying to get service in some of these other restaurants in town, this is a breath of fresh air. Check up on me as much as you want Pied Piper staff… I love it!

Let’s fast forward to the good part that still has me in dreamland… the food, drinks and sheesha. Pied Piper basically will satisfy anyone’s palate; whether you have a taste for raw seafood such as Sushi, or like your meat well done. The live grilling station had me walking back there more times than I care to admit. From the vibrant orange prawns, juicy grilled chicken, flavoured fish and succulent steak- heck, even the vegetables melted in my mouth. And oh, did I mention that they have a rotating Sushi Bar?

Unlike other sheesha lounges, Pied Piper’s sheesha is so smooth. It’s none of that choky, throat irritating kind. And get this; their sheesha comes in exotic cocktail flavours! So forget your apple or grape, come into the cocktail world and smoke up some Coco Jumbo, Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Royal Grape and Code 69. My ultimate surprise was when I saw sheesha made from a watermelon! Like enough Pied Piper… you have blown my mind enough.

The Pied Piper Restaurant Review

For all the wine lovers, this is the place to go. Trust me, I have drunk a lot of wine from a lot of places and been greatly disappointed. I love wine, but sometimes I can’t even hide feeling the pinch when I get a glass of wine that’s only a quarter full. The wine glasses at Pied Piper are huge! And not the huge but empty kind, but the huge and full kind that has you smiling the second you see the waiter bringing your drink. Forgetting everything else, that’s enough to have me say yeeessssssss… more please!

Alright, alright. For those of you who know me it’s no surprise I love my dessert. I thought I tasted and saw all the ones out there till I came across this

The Pied Piper Restaurant Review

Let’s just say green is my new favourite colour.

At first glance, I was like “What in the world is that?” The waitress described it as ‘coconut and brown sugar wrapped in a crêpe’ and the bowl of chocolate sauce convinced me enough to try it. I bit, and for 10 seconds the world disappeared. I closed my eyes and couldn’t hear anything else. It was just me and this piece of heaven in my mouth. My lovely waitress could tell from my reaction how much I loved it and offered to leave the whole plate with me. Either that or she was scared what I’d do to her if she even moved away an inch with that plate!

Chef Maurizio Pied Piper
Executive Chef Maurizio Pisoni

The waitress brought out the genius mastermind behind this sweet, unforgettable, can-eat-everyday dessert Chef Maurizio to explain just what this heaven he created really was. Turns out it’s from Indonesia! Never thought of visiting Indonesia but if this is the kind of food they serve over there, you can bet that it’s now on my bucket list.

Amazing, amazing, amazing! I can officially say you have not lived till you have visited The Pied Piper. And it’s not just The Pied Piper; the whole hotel is just wonderful. Mr Soni, Salman, Aliza, the whole Concord Management team and The Pied Piper staff… thank you for giving me a whole new reason to live. I am your biggest fan!

Go check it out guys because you simply have to experience it to believe me.

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