‘The Perfect Match’ Review: It Looks Like… and Feels Romantic

‘The Perfect Match’ Review: It Looks Like… and Feels Romantic

the perfect match

I’m all in when it comes to  movies about love and finding the perfect match. Chick flicks, if you may call them. So when I heard of The Perfect Match, I was extremely excited!

Plus this one had all the right ingredients for a girl’s type of movie– sexy man, cool friends, lavish lifestyle and the dilemma to either fall or not to fall in love.

So imagine my surprise when, an hour into the movie, my mind was already drifting off to personal errands I needed to get done. I was highly disappointed! The plot was as cliché as they come. All the while trying to fit in all of the many characters within the screenplay into limited minutes.

Charlie (Terrence Jenkins) is the most eligible bachelor in town and is dared by his friends to do one thing– try a monogamous relationship in preparation for his bestfriend’s wedding.  And just when he thought he’d never find ‘The One’, he meets his perfect match, Eva (Cassie Ventura).

Only this time, Eva is also the non-committal type. All she seems to do is drive Charlie nuts everytime he sees her. Meanwhile, Charlie is suffering from growing dissatisfaction at his job and realizes that his once perfect life, is now crumbling down.

Granted, The Perfect Match is a funny movie and its length is bearable. It’s the type of movie to watch when you really have nothing else to do and you just happened to be hovering around a movie theatre. I rate it a 2½ out of 5 stars.
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