The New ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Show Review: Picking Up From Where We Left

The New ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Show Review: Picking Up From Where We Left

Hi cartoon junkies you can now have a dose of your favourite cartoon drug… Chemical X.

The Powerpuff Girls show is back on TV (all new episodes) and a few things have changed. Minor details like the girls' looks… Can you spot them?

Some of the old villains can be spotted on the all new Theme Song although not all of them have made appearances in the two episodes that have aired so far. (I can’t wait to see what ‘Him’ has been cooking up after all these years).

It’s been long without the girls and they have definitely changed just like us; for example the new Powerpuff Hotline has now been replaced with cell phones. Yes, the girls use cell phones despite the fact that they have no fingers.

What’s New?

New Intro song: When the Powerpuff Girls show stopped airing in 2005, one of the catchiest memories we were left with was the end theme song… ‘Buttercup, commander and the leader… Powerpuff say good day!’

That tune has now changed to a hard rock song with hints of an English version Anime intro song. You can also notice that the part before the intro song where they explained how the Powerpuff Girls were created is now missing; ‘Sugar, Spice and Everything nice…’

Voices: The voices have changed too. The narrator’s voice is different but he is still as dramatic and passionate like we remember him. The girl’s voices have also been altered.

Missing Character In the First Episodes: Professor Utonium the square man is nowhere to be seen, it could be that the girls no longer need his 24 hour babysitting. Miss Bellum the sexy secretary with a mysterious face was MIA and so was the mayor and the school teacher but not to panic, we still have a lot more episodes to look forward to.

This is one classic cartoon show you cannot afford to miss. I hope to see all my favourites and to have the most daring adventures with the Powerpuff Girls.

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