The Millennial’s Guide to Coping with Rejection

The Millennial’s Guide to Coping with Rejection

“Go for it, what's the worst that could happen?” – A quote by everyone around V-Day

Here’s an interesting fact: Rejection hurts. No really, it hurts – physically. That’s because rejection triggers the same part of the brain as when you experience physical pain. Moreover, a recent study shows that rejection triggers responses in the body that can increase a person’s risk for illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and depression. Yikes!

We’ve all been rejected in one way or another to different degrees of hurt – for a job, a business pitch, a school admission, or, the most hurtful rejection of them all, romantic love.

For those of us who are single, Valentine’s Day comes with external pressure to conform to the holiday’s normative, commercial-driven expectation; to be paired up with someone. Anyone, actually. God forbid you’re alone!

With the looming presence of Valentine’s Day, this might be the best time to finally gather the courage to ask your secret crush out. If you ask, there are two possible outcomes- yes or no. If you don’t ask, there is only one possible outcome no.

So, we’re here to encourage you to at least try for the yes. And we’re also here to pick you up if the answer is no. Different people handle rejection in different ways; there isn’t one single full-proof method. So, we asked our predominantly Millennial staff for tips and advice on how to deal with rejection from their own personal experiences.

These are the gems of wisdom we got:

“Cry it out.”Jacqueline K.

“Stay active, whether it’s at work or the gym. Don’t give yourself time to think about it.”Jesse M.

“Take a mini-vacation, preferably with a close friend. Remove yourself from the hurtful reality.”Flora M.

“I write out my feelings in my personal journal, and then try and find acceptance.”Eva G.

“Dude, never give up. Go for someone hotter.”Rodricks O.

“Give yourself positive pep talks. Don’t blame yourself, don’t take it personally.”Caroline M.

“I take countless hot showers with sweet-smelling soap and sleep it off.” Lena A.

“Just get busy with other things and other people.”Yvonne S.

“I move on with quickness, I’m a prize – your loss buddy.”Malala Luttah.




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