The Love Doctor Arrow Bwoy Speaks on His New Song

Article by Timothy
Posted: March 07, 2019

KB: ‘Love Doctor’ is truly infectious, what inspired it?

‘Love Doctor’ is a collaboration with one of dancehall’s don, Demarco. The song is all about love and love life. When someone’s down, there’s that person beside you who is always there to cheer you up. That’s the person I’d call a ‘Love Doctor’, hence the song.

KB: How did you and Demarco cross paths for ‘Love Doctor’?

Demarco came to hear of me through DJ Poison Ivy (based in the US). She played my song ‘Shikisha’, Demarco listened to the vibe and he really liked it. He mentioned to Ivy that he would have loved to work with me so she informed me of the same. Demarco came for Redsan’s launch and said he would have loved for us to do something for our fans.

KB: How did the project start out afterwards?

We linked up the day after his show but he was to leave that same day. I went to the studio and came up with some good vibe, sent it to him and loved it! He also recorded his verses and we continued with the production aspects on this side.

KB: Who were the brains behind the production of the track?

Vicky Pondis, who was later joined and assisted by Teddy B did the audio. The video was directed by one Jordan Hoechlin.

KB: Nice! The video has such amazing visuals. What was the location for the shoot?

‘Love Doctor’ was shot in two locations. Part in Mombasa and the other in Atlanta.

KB: So far, it has over 120,000 views on YouTube in under a week since its release. Your thoughts?

I must say I didn’t expect that but the love has been overwhelming! I believe we were all shocked when Demarco did a bit of Swahili on the song.

KB: Any more projects to expect in 2019?

I have an album called ‘Hatua’ coming out in August. ‘Love Doctor’ is the first single out and just a teaser of what’s in store.

KB: Last word to the fans?

You guys are amazing! May God bless you and may you live long for making Arrow Bwoy.

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