The Kansoul Take Over Coke Studio

The Kansoul Take Over Coke Studio

KenyaBuzz met up with The Kansoul at the Coke Studio press conference, only a few days after they released their new ‘Utamu wa Life’ video. The Hip Hop group comprised of Madtraxx, Kora and Mejja were kind enough to squeeze in an interview with us.

KenyaBuzz: What does being a part of Coke Studio mean to you?

The Kansoul: It means that we get to connect and network with new artists from across Africa; get a taste of different cultures, music and markets. We are going to have 5-6 different performances from Kansoul, all different projects that we are all excited about. Well… we can’t say much but there is a surprise for our fans!

KenyaBuzz: If you could collaborate with any artist from Africa, who would it be?

Mejja: Juma Nature & Wizkid

Kid Kora: Wizkid, AKA… just to name a few.

Kansoul: We are also very exicted to work with Lizha James.

KenyaBuzz: What cars do The Kansoul team roll in?

Madtraxx: I still ride Boda Boda’s, still cannot afford ngata.

Mejja: I ride Ubers and Nduthis.

Kid Kora: I ride Mr. Obong’o (Hmmm… He named his car!)

KenyaBuzz: What’s that one thing you cannot leave home without?

Madtraxx: Boxers

Mejja: My phone

Kid Kora: My shades

KenyaBuzz: What should your fans expect from the Coke Studio mashups?

Kansoul: Energy, fire, entertainment, hype, sweat. Just the usual Kansoul stuff.

(L-R) Madtraxx, Kid Kora, Mejja

KenyaBuzz: If there was a movie week in Nairobi, what movie would you love to re-watch on the Big Screen?

Madtraxx: The Italian Job

Mejja: Scarface, The Mask, Romeo Must Die, Rambo 2

Kid Kora: Rocky I, II, III

KenyaBuzz: Which international event would you love to attend or/and perform?

Madtraxx: Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Mejja: Culture Clash London

Kid Kora: Hobofest

KenyaBuzz: Lastly, the big pop culture debate… Should they legalize it?

Kansoul: It’s good for us. They should ban cigarettes and legalize it. There are so many people in jail for no good reason.

Thank you Kansoul for your time and we cannot wait to watch your Coke Studio sessions.

Images Courtesy of Anyiko PR

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