The Journey Within: Why You Should Spend an Evening at Tazim Elkington’s Open Qorner

The Journey Within: Why You Should Spend an Evening at Tazim Elkington’s Open Qorner

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Do you know why you act the way you do? Why you exude certain characteristics and behavior that perhaps you’ve always wanted to change? The answers to all your “whys” can be found if you take an inward journey and care to search within yourself for them. And if you do not find the answer, then perhaps there wasn’t one; because not all questions have answers.

Most of the time our excuse is we are too busy. We are busy working, taking care of family, entertaining our friends; but do we ever spare some time for ourselves? I had the pleasure of attending Open Qorner with Tazim Elkington at The Tribe Hotel on Wednesday 21st May. The bubbly and spirited Tazim hosts the event that welcomes people from all walks of life to explore their inner-self; from beliefs to experiences all while throwing out old standards that prevent one from living a motivated and stimulating life.

Tazim’s approach is unconventional. She asks for her attendees to open their minds to the views of others, plus she believes in not referring to books or quotes by other people. This is something I really liked and it made a lot of sense, because we all have it within ourselves to be great; thus why borrow a saying from someone else instead of saying exactly what you feel? Tazim's methodologies are all self-created and her broader work encompasses leadership and management models for the 21st Century. Creating a conducive company culture to achieve bottom line profits and retaining brilliant talent are some of her achievements in working with corporations and institutions. 
What I had originally expected was to listen to someone speak for about an hour and a half – lecture-style; however it was the opposite as we randomly picked a topic to discuss and everyone had their say.

Just by listening to what everyone else had to share, I could relate to some ideas, while other ideas had me thinking about certain instances in my life. For example, how most of the anger I would harbor as a child was as a result of feeling inadequate. Although as an adult with a focus on ignoring approval from others, the feelings of inadequacy rarely come up.

Discussions from one topic opened up other topics and resulted in a very reflective session. I would recommend attending at least one of Tazim’s Open Qorner sessions because it will be that one time you took some time off for yourself that you will always remember. For more information, please check out

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