The Importance of Delivery Services in the Film Industry

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Posted: October 23, 2017  

The process of filmmaking is usually perceived in a certain way. Whether it’s leading actors charming away on the press junket or a swanky behind the scenes feature, the film industry is far more layered than what lies on the surface. Ultimately, it’s a business like any other, with corporate aims and objectives that are disguised under the face of entertainment. Of course, they also have products to sell and shift.

Distribution is a key part of the film industry, wrapped up with its own rules and regulations for widespread viewing. Ultimately, delivery effects more than just getting the films circulating, but in what environment and economy they do so. In response, below are a few reasons that make delivery services so vital to the film industry.

Expanding Outreach

Defunct television has been faced with alternative methods of getting their products out there, with audio podcasts replacing the airing of episodes on television. Nevertheless, it’s a speedier way of delivering products straight to the audience, and yet films cannot afford to abandon their visuals for more obvious reasons. It’s not cinematic!

Subsequently, cinema relies on its outreach, getting it seen, enjoyed and purchased as much as possible. With poor distribution comes limited viewing, and thus stagnant results. For example, Hollywood megastars such as Emma Watson and Shia Labeouf saw baffling box office returns, largely due to the fact their films endured crippling distribution. High profiles and robust talent couldn’t save the cinema, so what can? Diverse delivery!

Online Streaming

Of course, it’s not only the cinemas who are enduring the drawbacks of disaster distribution. Records chart an enormous drop in DVD and Blu-Ray sales, as physical discs gather dust underneath the couch as audiences consume via other means.

Obviously, streaming services such as Netflix are reaping all the rewards, arguably delivering digitally instead. Consequently, old school methods are dwindling, and many expect to see them fade into obscurity forever. A delay from Amazon or a disc without its case are suddenly no longer an issue, posing problems in physical distribution.

Better Deals

When delivery services send out films internationally, the price ramps up alongside the distance. For countries far away from those that flog the films they desire, they will find themselves shelling out more to have their order shipped or flown over to them.

However, certain couriers champion cheap delivery, making sure items are shipped around both swiftly affordably. Consequently, film has no excuse to not be fluid in its transition from screen to screen, with services such as these perfectly poised to spread cinema far and wide!


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