The Hilarious Ruth Kirathe Takes Over Kenyan Twitter

The Hilarious Ruth Kirathe Takes Over Kenyan Twitter

First of all, she is funny. Second of all she’s Kenyan and not related to David Murathe (yup!) and lastly, I hope she’s here to stay. Ruth Kirathe’s Twitter account blew up over the last couple of days after Kenyans (I Included) discovered her witty sense of humour.

The viral video that got people talking was her advising us men on why we shouldn’t be using some of these popular pick-up lines especially at the club. No wonder we get rejected.ย  Most of her followers even encouraged her to open a YouTube channel.

Here is the viral video:

As her other other funny vines got traction, so did she become more polarising. There are those who say she has a sense of humour that’s not stereotypical unlike a lot of Kenyan comedy, which is a breathe of fresh air while some say her English accent can limit her from reaching a bigger Kenyan audience.

Njugush, who also became popular online after a while, chimed in on the debate saying, โ€œYou see the beauty of the Internet is, all you need is content. No appointments with someone somewhereโ€ฆ. Ruth Kirathe updwards and onwards.โ€ Ruth is currently based in Japan.

On whether she’ll make it a long-term career path, she spoke exclusively to KenyaBuzz and said,โ€To be honest, itโ€™s a career path I never really thought Iโ€™d be on. I just talk to my phone, and hit โ€˜postโ€™… but here we are…ย  and Iโ€™m so grateful for all the love and support.โ€

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans.




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