The Heartless: Fernanda Finds Santiago’s Killer!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: March 07, 2022  

Fernanda finally figured out that the man she has been searching for is Octavio! She returned to Ichamal to find the man who killed her husband, Santiago, on the day of their wedding and stole their ranch. She however met Rafael and fell in love with him, which in turn derailed her plans.

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Fernanda had broken things off with Rafael after finding out he was engaged but they got back together after he called off the wedding. It was then that she recognized the necklace he was wearing because he had seen it on the man who abused her on the night that she and Santiago were attacked. She therefore concluded that Rafael was the killer and decided to kill him. She shot Rafael and was going to let him die but her friends Juana and Jose stopped her and brought Rafael to the hospital.

Fernanda visited Rafael at the hospital to find out the truth from him. She however learnt that the necklace was a family heirloom of the Toscanos and Rafael had received it as a gift from his father, Octavio, on the day of his wedding.

With Fernanda now aware that it was Octavio who killed Santiago, what will she do to make him pay?

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