The Heartless: Rafael Cancels his Wedding!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: February 21, 2022  

Rafael finally cancelled his wedding to Isabela! The two had been together for 3 years and decided to get married after Rafael got a scholarship to study in Italy. Isabel was however determined to get married after her father lost their family fortune and now depended on her to get them out of financial ruin.

The couple went to their home town in Ichamal and immediately started to plan their wedding before they left for Italy. Things however took an unexpected turn when Rafael met Fernanda and Isabel reconnected with her childhood love, Rigoberto.

Rigoberto hoped to stop Isabel from getting married but she turned him down because he was only a humble worker. Rafael almost found out about their relationship but Isabel got out of the situation by claiming that Rigoberto was dating her friend, Angela.

Meanwhile, Rafael spent a lot of time with Fernanda at the town fair, where he lost a bet to her. He had to work at her ranch to pay off the debt and this is how he ended up falling for Fernanda. She was about to give him a chance but found out about his wedding the day before the official date and cut things off with him. Rafael decided to go ahead with his wedding but backed out in the last minute. As they were taking their vows, Rafael said that he would not take Isabel as his wife, shocking everyone!

After cancelling the wedding, Rafael now hopes to continue his relationship with Fernanda, but will she accept him? Find out more on Citizen TV, every Sunday to Wednesday at 10:00 pm.

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