The Heartless: Fernanda saves Octavio!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: February 09, 2022  

Fernanda saved Octavio’s life, being none the wiser that he actually intended to kill her. Octavio was surprised to see Fernanda return to Ichamal after 3 years since he believed he had killed her along with her husband, Santiago. He forcefully took their ranch and built a successful meatpacking company.

With Fernanda’s return, Octavio was worried that she would create problems for him as she sought her husband’s killer. He, therefore, decided to kill Fernanda after he found out that she was asking around for the owner of the meatpacking company.  He went to the New Dawn ranch, where Fernanda has been staying with her friends and aimed a gun at her. He was about to shoot her but he got shot instead.

Octavio had angered another ranch owner after humiliating him and killing his best cattle. The rancher was out for revenge and therefore followed Octavio on his way to kill Fernanda. Octavio was shot in the leg and fell in the river. Fernanda ran to him when she heard the gunshots and fished him out of the water before he drowned. Her men chased the gunmen away.

Octavio was hospitalized and recovered fast but now that he feels indebted to Fernanda, he no longer plans on killing her. What will Fernanda do when she finds out the truth about Octavio?

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