The Good Son: Will Enzo and Joseph Ever Get Along?

The Good Son: Will Enzo and Joseph Ever Get Along?

The Good son is NTV’s newest Filipino drama. The show follows the murder case of Victor Buenavidez after he dies under mysterious circumstances leaving behind two families.

Victor was married to Olivia and had to sons with her, Enzo and Calvin. He however had an affair with Raquel which bore him a son called Joseph. Victor left a will naming Joseph and his two other sons as his heirs and his legitimate family didn’t take it well.

Victor stipulated in his will that Joseph had to attend the same university as Enzo and Calvin in an effort to make the brothers get along but things aren’t going as expected. Enzo is territorial and feels that Joseph is taking away the things that he holds dear to him. The brothers now attend the same classes and Joseph also joined the varsity basketball team that Enzo is captain of. Enzo therefore tried to get Joseph expelled from school by framing him for vandalizing his car but Joseph was able to prove his innocence.

With Joseph trying to maintain peace and Enzo working extra hard to get Joseph out of his life, things only seem to be getting worse but do you thing the brothers will ever get along?

You can follow The Good Son weekdays on NTV Kenya at 6:00 pm to see how the story unfolds.




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