The Good Son: Enzo and Joseph Getting Along!

The Good Son: Enzo and Joseph Getting Along!

The two brothers have been fighting ever since they met. Since Joseph is Victor’s illegitimate son, Enzo found it hard to get along with him but it seems blood is thicker than water after all.

It seemed that they would continue fighting till the end but every situation has served to make them grow closer. It started with Enzo’s attack at Brisard where Joseph helped him fight off some thugs sent to beat up Enzo.

Both of them were later kidnapped by Matilda’s creditors. Joseph helped Enzo through the crisis and they were able to escape unharmed. Enzo was able to pay back the favor when he defended Joseph after his mother accused Joseph sending death threats to her. Olivia was surprised by this but Enzo stood his ground and defended Joseph.

The winning moment however was when Joseph let Enzo stay at his house after he left home. Enzo asked his friends at school to let him stay with them but each one had an excuse as to why he couldn’t stay with them. Only Joseph offered to let Enzo stay with his family and fortunately, Enzo agreed. He was surprised that Joseph offered to let him stay at his house and Joseph said they should look after each other because they were brothers.

What do you think after seeing the brothers finally start get along?

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