The Girl Named Feriha: More Secrets are Revealed

The Girl Named Feriha: More Secrets are Revealed

Emir was able to find out Feriha’s biggest secret which led to a huge fallout between them. This however was one of Feriha’s many deceptions and things only seem to be getting worse for them. Emir moved into Feriha’s building to take revenge on her for deceiving him but his feelings for her are a force he is unable to fight. He ended up protecting her from her family’s wrath and Chansu who outed Feriha did not take it well.

Chansu thought Emir finding out the truth would finally make him leave Feriha but things did not work out as she had hopped. She has therefore taken it upon herself to reveal more of Feriha’s lies to Emir, the biggest one being that she was once engaged while she was dating Emir. Chansu got a hold of Feriha’s engagement photo and left in it Emir’s apartment and this is how he found out about the engagement.

The revelation has taken Emir’s relationship with Feriha a few steps back seeing as they were on their way to sorting this out. There is an endless string of lies that Feriha told Emir before and each one draws them further apart.

How many of Feriha’s lies do you think Emir will be able to take?




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