The Girl Named Feriha: Feriha is Engaged!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 27, 2018  

Feriha is now engaged but not to the person she hoped it would be.

It has been a tragic week for Feriha as she now finds herself engaged to someone that is not Emir. It all started when she appeared on a magazine with Koray, and her father saw it thanks to Cansu. Her father is a conservative man and was furious to see that his daughter was going around with men at school. He got her engaged to their neighbor Halil who had already made clear his intentions about Feriha.  Feriha had no choice but to accept it because her father said he would only let her go to school with a ring on her finger.

Feriha sort her mother’s help to dissuade her father from marrying her off and Zehra took it upon herself to help her daughter. She managed to convince her husband that it wasn’t okay to make Feriha marry someone she didn’t like and was about to share the good news with Feriha when Emir visited Feriha out of nowhere. They haven’t been able to sort things out between them ever since the magazine incident and Emir was hoping to speak to Feriha about it. Unfortunately, he ended up making things worse because Zehra found out that Feriha had lied to her friends at school about her background. Emir did not know that Zehra was Feriha’s mother.

Feriha told Emir to leave and tried to explain to Zehra why she had lied about her background but Zehra was done with her. She was hurt to see that her dear daughter had denied her. She told Feriha that she would wash her hands off her and let her father deal with her. And so, the engagement to Halil proceeded.

The engagement ceremony has now been done and Feriha has been more miserable than ever. Do you think she will really get married to Halil?

You can watch The Girl Named Feriha on NTV, Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm to see how things go for Feriha.


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