The Girl Named Feriha: Feriha Gets Kidnapped

The Girl Named Feriha: Feriha Gets Kidnapped

Feriha’s life never seems to have a quiet moment as things continue to get  more complicated. The latest demise she has suffered is getting kidnapped by her ex fiancé, Halil.

Emir just recently found out that Feriha was engaged to Halil and the two of them were trying to work through that situation when Halil suddenly reappeared. Halil had been confined to a mental institution following a previous incident where he tried to take Feriha away by force. He ended up shooting her mother but due to his mental state, he was taken to a mental facility to recover.

Halil managed to escape from the mental hospital and once again went after Feriha. He was able to abduct her and her family only got to find out about it much later. The incident has Emir worried sick and he has even joined forces with her family to try and find her.

To find out if Feriha will be rescued, you can follow the show on NTVKenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm.




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