The Girl Named Feriha: Feriha Gets Drugged

The Girl Named Feriha: Feriha Gets Drugged

Things are only getting harder for Feriha as she gets more involved with Emir and his friends; Hande and Koray.

Emir invited Feriha out to go clubbing with him and his friends but she couldn’t because her parents are quite strict. She however got triggered after she got home and Cansu, her neighbor who is a huge fan of Emir told her that someone had seen her with Emir. She however laughed it off as a bad joke because the ‘janitor’s daughter’ couldn’t possibly be acquainted with Istanbul’s most eligible bachelor.

Feriha got insulted and decided to go out with Emir after all. Fortunately, her father was out of town and she lied to her mother saying that she was going to study with Cansu since she needed to use the computer.

Feriha donned a lovely dress that Cansu herself had discarded and appeared at the club looking lovelier than ever. She got everyone’s attention and Emir couldn’t stay two step away from her. She was quiet and reserved since she doesn’t quite drink but she suddenly had a headache and Hande, her number one enemy offered to help.

Hande paid a girl to offer Feriha a pill and say it was for migraines and the naïve Feriha was grateful as she took it. It turned out to be drugs and Feriha once it got to her system, she got in the partying mood. She started to dance around and make a fuss surprising Emir. Emir managed to get a hold of her and take her home to rest.

When Feriha woke up the next morning, she was in Emir’s house and after she learnt what happened, she remembered taking the pill. She explained to Emir that someone offered her a pill at the washroom but Emir refused to believe it. He said she was a drug addict and that was probably why her parents were so strict with her. Feriha took offence and the two have been at odds since.

Koray found out what happened but he couldn’t tell Emir because he would implicate Hande so he urged Emir to try and patch things up with Feriha. Emir talked to Feriha and asked that they forget what happened but Feriha is not so easily swayed. She told Emir that she wouldn’t forget what he said just because he did. Will the two of them be able to work things out?




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