The Girl Named Feriha: Feriha Breaks Off Her Engagement

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 18, 2018  

It has been a trying time for Feriha after her parents got her engaged to Halil; a man she didn’t love and she   therefore had to end her relationship with Emir. Emir tried his best to get Feriha back but she told him to leave her alone since there could never be anything between. Emir he eventually gave up on her since everything he did made Feriha mad. He was dejected after Feriha rejected him and was convinced that it was over between them.

Meanwhile, Hande was going through a crisis of her own after Emir found out that she was the one who had drugged Feriha before. Emir refused to forgive Hande even after she apologized to so she went off on her own and disappeared for a couple of days. Emir went to find her and bring her home but on the way back, Hande confessed to having paid a paparazzi to take the pictures of Feriha and Koray  that were published on the magazine and Emir was livid! He was behind the wheel and couldn’t focus on his driving as he argued with Hande and the two of them ended up on the bottom of a cliff.

The news of the accident took everyone by surprise, especially Feriha She had to lie to her parents every day so that she could go to the hospital to see Emir. After Emir recovered, Feriha swore never to leave him again and hence made the decision to break off her engagement to Halil. Halil seemed to take it well under his calm demeanor but it wasn’t so. He kidnapped Feriha and took her to the house he had already bought for them but Feriha pleaded with him to take her back home and he did.

Emir has now fully recovered and back together with Feriha. Things seem to be going well between them but do you think it will last for long?


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