The Girl Named Feriha: Feriha and Emir’s Marriage in Trouble

Article by Flora
Posted: June 06, 2019

After Feriha and Emir eloped to get married, it seemed like they had finally won in the game of love. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case with how things are going.

Right after they got married, a girl appeared claiming to be pregnant with Emir’s child. This brought on an even bigger problem than the ones they have dealt with before. Feriha however sort to stay by Emir’s side and work on finding a solution for their situation. The reason their marriage fell apart though was that Emir slapped Feriha during an argument.

Feriha has previously had to endure abuse from her father and brother so she could not handle having her husband hit her as well. She decided to leave Emir’s house and since her family disowned her, she is living at her campus dormitories.

Everyone argues that Feriha is taking a slap a little too seriously but what do you think? Is she right to leave Emir or is she overreacting?

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