The Flight to Victory: Who is the worst villain?

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: March 22, 2018

The flight to victory is one show plagued with villains and it is getting harder to tell who among them is the worst of them all. We have compiled this list so that you can tell us who you think deserves the crown for worst villain on the show…

  1. Adriana

Adriana is Victoria’s nemesis from prison and she like a hurricane which destroy’s everything on it’s path. She took over Victoria’s place and pretended to be Cecilia’s long lost daughter. She has managed to wreck havoc in Cecelia’s household and their lives are not as peaceful as it used t be.

  1. Gloria

Gloria is Andres’ mother and she hated Victoria so passionately, she got her imprisoned for eight years when she was a child for a crime she did not commit. Andres was able to get Victoria released and married her shortly after but they soon had the marriage annuled because of Gloria’s interference.

  1. Julio

Julio¬† took stategizing to a higher level when he dated mother and daughter so that he could maximize his chances of getting their fortune. He managed to marry Gloria’s daughter, Elena after convincing Gloria to name her as the sole heir to her fortune¬† and later killed Gloria!


Magdalena seemed insignificant at first, posing as Raul’s house maid but she soon let out her claws when Raul shared the good news that he and Victoria were together. Magdalena got desperate to break the two of them and she ended up revealing that she was Elsa’s mother and threatened to tell her about it if Raul did not leave Victoria.

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