The Flight to Victory: Is it over for Raul and Victoria?

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: April 26, 2018

Raul seemed like the best partner that Victoria could have had after going through so much in her young life. He had helped her survive the years she spent in prison through his radio program and when the two of them met, they instantly fell for each other. It did not matter that Victoria was married to Andres at the time since she was able to get a speedy annulment and was able be with Raul.

The couple went through a lot to be together and had to fight off adversities from Andres, Magdalena and even Raul’s daughter Elsa who later came to accept Victoria as her father’s partner. It seemed like nothing would ever break them apart; that was until Raul’s family entered the picture.

Raul’s estranged family came in from Spain and decided to stay indefinitely in Raul’s house. Raul’s mother did not like Victoria because she was too young for him while Raul’s mentally unstable brother, Leonardo fell in love with her.

Magdalena was determined on separating Victoria and Raul so she use Leonardo’s obsession with Victoria to create problems between them. Leonardo believed that Victoria loved him and he tried to abuse her a couple of times. Victoria wanted to tell Raul about it but Raul’s mother asked her not to because Raul would get mad at his brother.

The last time that Leonardo tried to harass Victoria, the two ended up tumbling down a hill as Victoria tried to fight him off and Leonardo hit his head on a stone. He died from the incident and Victoria was blamed for his murder. The circumstances all pointed to her as the culprit and Raul had her implicated for his brother’s murder.

Fortunately, Andres came to Victoria’s rescue once more and had her acquitted. Raul is now sorry for having doubted her but Victoria absolutely refuses to forgive him for doubting her. Do you think these two will get back together or is it officially over for them?

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