The Dashing Hero, Explosions and Time Travel- Just Another Tom Cruise Movie: Edge of Tomorrow Review

The Dashing Hero, Explosions and Time Travel- Just Another Tom Cruise Movie: Edge of Tomorrow Review

But make no mistake, I like dashing heroes, explosions and time travel, particularly when served up on big screen- in IMAX 3D, row F. No doubt, sci-fi thrillers aren’t going to wear me out any time soon. But Tom Cruise playing the dashing hero in the explosions and time travel genre is starting to wear me out. Live, die, repeat therefore seems an apt tagline to have on a poster for the latest Cruise movie.

Edge of Tomorrow opens with Bill Cage (Cruise) starting out as a cowardly PR man who has never seen a day of battle in his life; notwithstanding, he is forced to serve in an army to save the world from an invading, apparently unbeatable alien force. Cage is quickly killed in his first battle but shortly after his ‘death’, is woken up.

“On your feet maggot!” an officer barks in his ear.

Cage is, in fact still alive and is, again, forced into battle. He plays out the same scene- pretty much- and ends up a dead man, again.

It’s back to square 1: “On your feet maggot!” 

But because he has been here before and seen the way things play out, he does a few things differently- like trying to save the life of a ‘fellow’ warrior whose death he witnessed the first time round. Still, the PR man with no battlefield experience remains the PR man with no battlefield experience. So his life expires- again, and again.

Cage’s fate is however set to change when he meets the far more experienced Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) on the battle ground. “Find me when you wake up”, she tells him. So the next time Cage dies and wakes up to the words, “On your feet maggot”, his first mission is to go and find Rita. She explains what is happening to Cage because she has lived the same ordeal.

Cage finally comes to terms with what he is facing: A time loop – that forces him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying over and over again.

But with each battle, Cage becomes able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill. And now with Rita by his side, takes the fight to the aliens, with each repeated encounter getting them one step closer to defeating the enemy.

Being a Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow could not have been complete without a love interest. In this case it is introduced in the form of; you guessed it, his co-warrior, Rita Vrataski. But unlike his love interests in previous movies, in Edge of Tomorrow, there is zero on screen chemistry between Blunt and Cruise. Asked why she took up the role, Blunt said and I quote, “I just think it’s so rare. I mean you never come across an empowered female role in an action movie anymore, they’re usually holding the hand of the guy and running behind them as if they didn’t know where to go unless she’s holding his hand”.

And maybe in her attempt to prove her ‘badass-ness’ she was a little too badass to further the love interest theme that the director might have intended. 

Cruise cannot be faulted for his delivery as a leading man, read: dashing hero, in Hollywood. Blunt does a decent enough job (and I have to throw this in: what a pair of arms!) but like I said, together, Cruise and Blunt’s chemistry sucked.  The special effects are worth watching this movie on big screen and in 3D.  But because Cruise was playing his usual dashing hero role in a movie which had its fill of guns, explosions and aliens, I had a pretty good idea about how the scenes would play out. I give it 7 out of 10.
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