‘The Catch’ Series Review: He’s Always One Step Ahead

‘The Catch’ Series Review: He’s Always One Step Ahead

the catch

As all love dilemmas go, ABC's The Catch is a story between two of the best in their respective circles, one a detective named Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) and the other, Benjamin Jones (Peter Krause) a high-end con artist. And the plot only gets thicker…

Meanwhile, Valarie (Rose Rollins) Alice’s BFF and business partner is filing for a divorce from her 10-year marriage and is completely against any notions of love.

The casting and script follows those of a typical Shonda Rhimes production, with emphasis placed on the successful and modern career woman trying to figure out her love life. It seems as though The Catch, in its beginning was going to be the series to defy this stereotype and show that women can actually have it all, but I must’ve hoped for too much too soon a few minutes into episode one.

Nonetheless, the plot is engaging, as it follows the problem-solving dramas that surround ladies on a day-to-day basis.

This is an easy and relaxed type of series to watch on a Sunday morning as you binge on your leftovers. But it has nothing much to write home about.




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