The Blood Sisters: Meet Rocco Fernandez

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Posted: April 02, 2020

The newest character to be introduced on The Blood Sisters is Rocco Fernandez, played by Jake Cuenca.  Rocco is a mysterious character and he was revealed to be Juancho’s boss. Juancho was responsible for stealing the Paraiso ledger, which was blamed on Erika, leading the Solomons to go after her. This means that Rocco was the person behind the stolen ledger incident and hence the misfortune that has followed Erika since the beginning.

Rocco also happens to be Sahara’s brother, who happens to work for the Solomons. Sahara kidnapped Erika’s son, Jolo and Rocco approached Erika to help find him. With Rocco seemingly playing both sides, his motives are not yet clear. He seems to be an integral character in the show but is he here to help or create more chaos for the triplets?

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