The Blood Sisters Finale Review

Article by Flora
Posted: May 21, 2020  

The Blood Sisters comes to an end after an intense, action packed run. The story about triplets Erika, Agatha and Carrie started out with them not knowing about each other and their lives only got complicated after they found each other because of their involvement with the Paraiso syndicate.

Agatha went against her family in order to help Rocco and the Solomons. Fortunately, she realized her mistake in the end and was the one who came up with a plan to take them down. The three dressed up as one person to trick Rocco and Fabian by promising to return Paraiso’s money. Their motive was to save their mother Adele, whom Rocco had taken as a hostage as well as have Rocco arrested.

Rocco was determined to get his money back from Agatha but his family issues with the Solomons got in the way. He killed Fabian and Greg and his distraction gave the triplets a chance to escape with Adele. Rocco was arrested and imprisoned for his crimes.

In the end, Agatha went to jail for her involvement with the syndicate. Unfortunately, Erika was not able to marry Samuel after he got injured trying to save her and died. Carrie got the happy ending after she was engaged to Tonyo.

The Blood Sisters was an exciting story owing to its fast pace and action packed scenes. Erich Gonzales managed to play the triplets exceptionally well, each with her own quirks and charm. The show also had a great array of antagonists but Jake Cuenca managed to up the tempo with his portrayal of Rocco Fernandez.

What did you think of The Blood Sisters Finale?

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