The Best of William Levy’s Telenovelas

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Posted: June 06, 2019

It has been close to six years since William Levy stared in his last Telenovela. The actor has been pursuing his acting career in America but during his previous visit to Mexico, he clarified that he is still open to doing Telenovela projects. Before that time comes, we will look back at some of William Levy’s previous works:

  1. Don’t mess with an angel (Cuidado con el angel)

This was Willian Levy’s first ever lead role alongside Maite Perroni.  He played the role of Juan Miguel San Roman, a psychiatrist dedicated to rehabilitating rebellious youth. He meets a young Marichuy, a rebellious young girl who he takes under his wing. The two fall in love and get married but things fall apart when Marichuy finds out that Juan Miguel as the man who took advantage of her before.

  1. Love Spell (Sortilegio)

William Levy stared in this Telenovela alongside Jacqueline Bracamontes. He played the role of Alejandro Lombardo whose half-brother Bruno plots against by forging a marriage with Maria Jose. Bruno plans to kill Alejandro and take his inheritance but he survives and returns to uncover the scheme behind his marriage.

  1. Triunfo Del Amor (Triumph of love)

This was William Levy’s second team-up with Maite Perroni. He stars as Maximiliano Sandoval. Max falls in love with Maria Desamparada but the two face many obstacles due to Maria’s background. They break up before Max realized that Maria is pregnant and marries Jimena. Max and Maria thus have to fight against everyone to get back to each other.

  1. The storm (La Tempestad)

This was William Levy’s last telenovela, which he starred alongside Ximena Navarette. He played the role of Damian Fabre, a ship captain. He meets Marina when she moves to his hometown. The two have to work together to take down Hernan, the man behind the problems in Marina’s factory and Damian’s shipping business and hence end up falling in love.

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