The Best of Maite Perroni’s Novela Soundtracks

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: October 15, 2018

Maite Perroni is one the most recognizable Novela stars on Kenyan Television having starred in shows like Triumph of Love, La Gata and Mi Pecado. The actress also has a flourishing singing career and has lent her voice to each of these Novelas. Today, we want to know which of the following tracks you think is Maite Perroni’s best soundtrack.

  1. Mi Pecado

Maite Perroni performed the opening sound track for Mi Pecado with the same title with Mexican band Reik.

  1. A Partir De Hoy

A Partir De Hoy was a soundtrack for Triumph of Love which Maite Perroni performed with Marco Di Mauro.

  1. Vas A Querer Volver

Maite Perroni performed Vas a Querer Volver as the opening soundtrack for La Gata.

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