The Best of 2017 in African Entertainment Will Be Available on Showmax This December

The Best of 2017 in African Entertainment Will Be Available on Showmax This December

The festive season brings with it nothing but fun. In the same spirit, great TV is a key ingredient to staying entertained. Showmax has a new line up of award-winning TV shows and movies from Kenya and the continent.

Saida is a soap opera series with scene-stealing moments. Two star-crossed lovers have to keep their relationship a secret. Saida has grown up in a wheelchair but her world opens up when she meets someone who finally understands her. It has previously won a Kalasha Award for the best TV drama.

Sunrise is another Kenyan drama series expected to show on Showmax from December 14th. In this popular Kenyan crime drama, Soni comes back home from abroad with a story that’s not adding up. She finds that everything has changed in Sunrise; it’s full of shifty characters doing shady deals. She quickly realizes she’s now trapped in it, like most of her neighbours.

How To Steal 2 Million is a South African movie that draws you in by the title. Let’s be honest, this could very be our version of How to Steal 50 Million. Released from prison, Jack can’t find work. His former buddy Twala offers him a job he can’t refuse, but can he trust his new partners in crime? It has won four Africa Movie Academy Awards, including Best Film, Best Director (Charlie Vundla) and Best Supporting Actress (Terry Pheto). If you watched Generations on KBC back then, some of the actors will be very familiar.

Have you been to Atlanta? Do you like comedy? Then 30 Days in Atlanta is the movie to look for on Showmax from December 18th. An action-packed rom-com about two cousins (award-winners Ayo Makun and Ramsey Noah) who have the adventure of a lifetime after winning a 30-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Atlanta. After breaking box office records in Nigeria, 30 Days in Atlanta won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Comedy and the City People Movie Of The Year Award.




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