The 10 Worst Films Of 2016

The 10 Worst Films Of 2016

The 10 Worst Films Of 2016

It has been a seesaw year for movies. From the highs of Disney dominating the global box office one $1 billion movie after another; to the lows of cinema’s place in pop-culture conversation getting questioned thanks to Beyoncé and Jon Snow.

Wherever the fortunes of the industry tipped, one thing remained constant– our love of movies. But there always seems to be a few movies that work twice as hard to annoy rather than entertain, and 2016 was no different according to our critics.

Note: The KenyaBuzz annual Worst Of list comprises only movies that opened in Kenyan cinemas.
(*See our 2015 list here)

10| Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (by Kanzayua)
This movie is terrible. It’s the most blatant cash grab of 2016 by Paramount Pictures, a problem that always rears its ugly head during sequels. Full Review

9 | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (by Andrew Onyango)
It was a simple movie to make. But along the way we began hearing of changes and additions. New characters, new story lines and so much more. We were exhausted even before the movie dropped. When it eventually did, it was long and tiring with absolutely no heading. Surprise, surprise. Full Review

8 | Independence Day: Resurgence (by Kanzayua & Andrew Onyango)
Did we really need a sequel? Absolutely nothing memorable happens in this film. The plot is pretty much similar to the original, but this time lacking the charm and energy. STOP BEING LAZY HOLLYWOOD!!!! Full Review

7 | Almost Christmas (by Tim Mworia)
There is little cheer and next to no laughs in this self-proclaimed festive comedy. Full Review

6 | Inferno (by Kanzayua)
Tom Hanks in a worst movies list? Say it isn’t so! Inferno is another one in an already below par film series. The dialogue constantly has to explain the plot and the characters are one dimensional, with almost zero character development. Stick to the good stuff Tom! Full Review

5 | Heist (by Tim Mworia)
Heist is what you get when a low-budget film is uncomfortable in its own skin and pretends to be a blockbuster instead. Full Review

4 | The Perfect Match (by Lisa Mugera)
An hour into the movie, my mind was already drifting off to personal errands I needed to get done. I was highly disappointed! The plot is as cliché as they come. Full Review

3 | The Huntsman: Winter’s War (by Lisa Mugera)
Something is off about The Huntsman: Winter's War. The casting was amazing. And so were the cinematic sequences in the movie. But it felt… almost forced. Full Review

2 | My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (by Lisa Mugera)
To be quite honest I thought that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 would live up to the expectations that the first movie set, but all it turned out to be is a big fat flop. It is such an unnecessary sequel. Full Review

1 | Gods of Egypt (by Kanzayua)
It’s literally amazingly bad. The directing is poor, the dialogue is filled with clichés and cringey jokes. Nothing about Gods of Egypt feels authentic. It looks and feels as artificial as the heavy CGI it employs. Full Review

Dishonourable Mentions:
The Divergent Series: Allegiant
Mother’s Day
London Has Fallen
Nine Lives
Max Steel

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