The 10 Greatest Drag Queens of All Time

The 10 Greatest Drag Queens of All Time

A Drag Queen is someone, usually male, who impersonates and exaggerates the feminine persona. She’s also a “miss, hunnay!” and anything far from a “mister”. Drag Queens are mainly known for their pompous stage performances, as singers, dancers or comedians. A Drag Queen is also a girl’s best friend – they’ve got the best hair, make-up, clothes and latest gossip!

Here are some of the 10 greatest Drag Queens of all time.

1 | RuPaul
At 55 years old, RuPaul is the talk show host of her own drag queen show 'RuPaul's Drag Race', TV producer, drag queen, singer-songwriter and model.

ru paul
(courtesy: rupaul.com)

2 | Bianca Del Rio
40 year old Bianca is an actor and drag queen.

bianca del rio
(courtesy: thebiancadelrio.com)

3 | Latrice Royale
At 44 years old, Latrice is a drag performer and reality TV personality.

latrice royale
(courtesy: latriceroyale.com)

4 | Candis Cayne
At 44, Candis retired from drag queen performances after becoming Caitlyn Jenner’s new BFF (alleged lover) and co-star in the series, ‘I Am Cait.’ She is also an actor and events host.

candice cayne
(courtesy: candiscayne.com)

5 | Alaska Thunderf*ck
At only 30, Alaska is a drag queen and is known for appearing on the fifthe season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race'.

alaska thunderfuck
(courtesy: alaskathunderfuck.com)

6 | Pandora Boxx
Aged 43, Pandora is a drag queen and actor.

pandora boxx
(courtesy: pandoraboxx.com)

7 | Willam Belli
At 33, Willam is an actor, singer, drag queen and entertainer.

william belli
(courtesy: willam.com)

8 | Sharon Needles
The 34 year old is a drag queen as well as a recording artist.

sharon needles
(courtesy: sharonneedles.com)

9 | Bob The Drag Queen
The 29 year old is the latest winner of RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race, Season 8’.

bob the drag queen
(courtesy: bobthedragqueen.com)

10 |  Jackie Beat
Referring to herself as ‘The World’s Biggest Bitch’, the 50 year old drag queen is also an actor, singer, song and screen writer

jackie beat
(courtesy: missjackiebeat.com)




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