Telenovela Throwback with Leticia Calderon: Which is Your Favorite Character?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: July 23, 2020  

Mexican actress Leticia Calderon is among the most recognized villain actors in Telenovelas. Her presence always guarantees a character that viewers will most likely will hate but enjoy watching. For today’s throwback posts, we look back at Leticia Caldron’s most iconic characters.

  1. Carlota in In the name of Love

Leticia Calderon stars as Paloma’s ruthless Aunt, Carlota in In the name of love. As a bitter old woman, Carlota takes out her frustrations on Paloma, for being Cristobal’s daughter, the man she loved.  Carlota made Paloma’s life difficult to live, earning the ire of viewers but making the show one of the greatest Telenovelas ever.

  1. Isadora in Amor Bravio

Leticia Calderon stars as Isadora on Amor Bravio. Teaming up with Cesar Evora, the two veteran actors were a great match as the show’s main antagonists. They two were partners who schemed to steal Camila’s Hacienda and added an unmatched thrill to the story with their unconventional relationship.

  1. Irene in Mujeres De Negros

Leticia Caldron was part of the female led cast of Mujeres De Negros as the main protagonist. Irene is cunning as she tries to profit off her pharmaceutical company with illegal drugs. Leticia Calderon, alongside other women headlining the show created an intriguing and unique story that viewers got to enjoy.

Which of these three characters played by Leticia Calderon is your favorite? Vote on the poll below!


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