Telenovela Soundtracks to Add to Your Playlist

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Posted: April 02, 2020

Through the decades of Telenovelas taking over Kenyan television, accompanying soundtracks have become an integral part of fan culture. It is essential for every Telenovela fan to have a playlist of their favorite Telenovela soundtracks so for today, we give you a list of tracks that you must add to your Playlist, if you haven’t already.

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Cuando seas mia (When you were mine) by Son by Four

Cuando seas mia is the title track of Cuando Seas Mia. The telenovela tells the epic story of Diego and Paloma who shared a passionate love but are separated due to intrigue and manipulation from their families. The song fervently describes the feeling of finally conquering the affection of someone you love.

La Malquerida (Unloved) by Jesus Navarro, Cristian Castro and Melissa

La malquerida is a title track of La Malquerida. The telenovela is about the forbidden love of Acacia who ends up falling for her stepfather, Esteban. The song narrates the pain of not finding love or in this case, finding a love that one must not pursue.

Puede Amar (allowed to love) by Pablo Alboran

Puede Amar is the title track for The Three Sides of Ana, currently airing on NTV’s 8:00 pm timeslot. The show follows the story of triplets who are trying to find love in their lives. The song depicts the joy of finding love.

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